Monday, 7 November 2011

Gary Nicholson - You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry...

Gary yesterday (happier times)

Year 3 Graphic Design student Gary Nicholson (21) is an incredibly difficult man to anger (we know 'cause we've tried). He has a positive, helpful and cheery disposition, bringing warmth and joy into the lives of all he comes into contact with. He really is a genuinely nice guy. That was until today...

Today someone 'messed' with a piece of Gary's design. To help explain the situation we should explain that Gary eats, breathes and sleeps Graphic Design. Anything he puts out into the world has been thoroughly considered and lovingly crafted. It is, as it is meant to be.

As designed - the A3 poster

Above is a poster Gary created for some Performing Arts 'friends'. Notice the legible typography, the clear hierarchy of information and the knowing visual reference to various Hollywood blockbusters (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Kick-Arse (UK Release) etc.)

The clients seemed pleased with the results and quite understandably Gary thought that was that and looked forward to seeing the results of all his hard work posted on vertical surfaces around the campus and city. He could never have imagined THIS...

As not designed - the A5 flyer

and let's face it who could have???

Going, going, gone - Gary gets angry...

The pink toilet paper was bad enough but the clients obviously decided that the images weren't quite 'Through a Scanner Darkly' enough for them and have let loose with a Photoshop filter to 'cartoonify' the photographic images. As the artwork was one large Jpeg this filter has worked its 'magic' on both text and image alike making the text illegible and their poster crap. Gary would have told them this but they didn't ask...

We feel for you Gary and offer you our condolences.


If you would like to 'rubbish' more of our student's work in future, here are some more Photoshop Filters
you may care to embrace:

  • 'Snap Crackle Pop' - makes posters go 'bang'!
  • 'The Pixellator' - for that Seurat look
  • 'Drive-By in Old Compton Street' - camp, gang related violence
  • 'Oklahoma!' - puts a fringe around everything (including your Surrey)
  • 'Glee' - the design equivalent to the TV show. Turns the things you love into the things you hate
  • 'The X Factor' - gives your poster that Louis Walsh look

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  1. Gary- happy chappy, makes me smile.
    Performing Arts students make me puke in my mouth.