Thursday, 24 November 2011

'Explaining to an Alien' - Year 1 Project

Even the simplest of things can be extremely difficult to explain if you can only use images. We rely on language for so much in our day-to-day lives...

The students were asked to choose from a list of common objects and then design an A3 sheet that would visually explain its purpose to any visiting alien who may drop by for a visit.
The final outcome also had to demonstrate their ability to use Adobe Illustrator (they've been going to weekly 'Illustrator' classed all term).

As ever, the quality of the 'journey' decides the quality of the final piece. As you may well know, we frown on our students designing on screen (a soul destroying activity at the best of times and likely to result in a 'clip round the ear' from Rhiannon). In fact here's what our Course Study Guide has to say on the matter:

'Don’t get us wrong, we do love computers but we see them as a useful tool not the answer to all our prayers. They certainly are a hindrance to developing visual ideas quickly and spontaneously. In fact a computer is to the generation of ideas, what a suit of armour is to lovemaking - technically possible, but a definite hindrance to speed and passion.'

So rather than focus on the finished pieces, here's the story (in excellent A3 visual sheets) of how Year 1 Illustration student Ruth Fogden (21) came up with her final design explaining what hair dryers are for.

Please note:
like all good designers Ruth explores lots of alternatives before making an informed choice about which works the best...


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