Friday, 4 November 2011

Perspective is Nothing to be Scared Of

Year 1 student Sam (short for Samuel) Priestley (21) holding a visual metaphor for a week's worth of studio work. Yes, you've guessed it, this week we've been breaking the back of perspective.

We strongly believe that our students need to be able to draw
and have commenced that long, hard journey. There is no quick fix, but with lots of support and encouragement our designers and illustrators will gradually develop skills and knowledge that will last them a lifetime. We're aiming to get them to a point where they won't be designing from a position of weakness (i.e. avoiding what they can't do) but from a position of strength.

A good drawing will always shows a good understanding of the subject in question. Perspective is crucial as it helps explain so much of what we see.

Here's a tiny sample of the work produced:

James Cope (21) - Year 1

James Cope (21) - Year 1

Katy Hill (21) - Year 1

Katy Hill (21) - Year 1

Ami Swift (21) - Year 1


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