Monday, 21 November 2011

'The Informer' Redesign

University of Cumbria's tabloid student newspaper, ‘The Informer’, is ably written, edited and produced buy BA(Hons) Journalism students. However, it's fair to say that its design values lagged somewhat behind. Our 3rd year students recently undertook a redesign of the entire publication and there were two primary aims: firstly, to produce a 'paper that the journalists would be proud to write for, and secondly, to design something that the target audience would want to pick up.
Here are just three different approaches...

A three colour number from Gary Nicholson (21)

A fresh magazine inpired design from Kelcey Braine (21)

A 3D enabled challenge for the reader by Helen Quint (21)

And finally, the chosen design, by Dani Knowles (21)


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