Thursday, 24 November 2011

Grillust™ Autumn Tour 2011 - Destination No.3

Date: Wednesday 23 November
Distance from Carlisle: 98 miles
Grillust™ Operative: Tony

Leyland Fast Fact 1:
home to the bus and truck manufacturer Leyland Motors

Leyland Fast Fact 2: the very first Leylandii hedge (now infamous as a common cause of territorial disputes between neighbours) was discovered growing wild in Leyland in the 1950's.

Leyland Fast Fact 3: Laura Palmer's father, Leyland (from the hit 90's TV series 'Twin Peaks') was named after this Lancashire town.

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  1. Interesting (debatable) Leyland fact 4 - "Leyland" is the inspiration for the "Weyland" portion of Weyland Yutani; the mega corporation causing all the money grabbing bother in the Alien films.