Wednesday, 30 November 2011

For Becky's Mum Only

Dear Becky's Mum

With subjects that aren't related to the career of choice (eg. philosophy, history etc.) it could be argued that the degree classification attained and the institution attended act as an important 'currency' when making job applications.

We're happy to report that the world of art & design has never (and never will) operate in this way. Ours is a meritocracy based solely on creativity, motivation and ability. Design studios have no interest in where a candidate studied or their degree classification. They are interested in only two things; their personality and the quality of their work.

The best University for Becky will be one that enthuses, encourages, supports and values her aspirations. She needs to find one of those scarce institutions that will treat her as an individual, not just another face in the crowd, somewhere she will feel at home.


  1. Thank you! My mum read it, and actually agreed which is great because she's very stubborn. RESULT!